Homeless Management Information System

EscaRosa Coalition on the Homeless hosts a community Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). With this system, agencies can use electronic client entry and exits, store information on-line, securing confidentiality and helping rid your agency of paper forms, pull reports for board members and donors, and much more.

ECOH partners with local providers to help them track the services they provide to the community and report to HUD or other charitable organizations.  While HMIS is a requirement for most government grants the government allows the Continuum of Care (CoC) in that area to choose the software.  Our software provider is Bowman Systems and their software is called ServicePoint. ServicePoint was chosen because of it’s ease of use for the end user and it’s robust reporting abilities.

As you are aware, the number of those in need of services is higher than ever. Through HMIS, your agency can optimize your resources and as a result, help your community better than before.  At its core, HMIS is a way for agencies to track client and service information.  What makes HMIS unique is that agencies in our HMIS community have the opportunity to share basic client and service information which allows you to not only track and review the services and resources of your agency but of all the agencies in our HMIS community. Don’t worry, personal and confidential information, and high risk clients, can be locked and viewed only by your agency and your agency can choose what it shares. With your participation, our community is one step closer to cohesively utilizing, tracking, and optimizing services, together.

Benefits of HMIS:

  • Helps ensure confidentiality in a way that paper intake forms cannot
  • Decrease duplicate intakes and assessments
  • Track services client received not only from your agency but other agencies in the HMIS community
  • Utilize electronic client entry and exit forms
  • Prepare financial and programmatic reports for funders, boards, and other stakeholders.
  • Track your resources to optimize your services
  • Saves client history and notes to track the progress of your clients
  • Ability to create community wide reports to track gaps in services
  • Web-based so interface and entry can be done anywhere
  • Information is real time and changes are instant

Want to see just how easy our HMIS system is to use and what it can do for you? Our ServicePoint Training site can give you all the same features and environment as our live ServicePoint site. In the Training site you can surf the system, learn the interface, play with client entry and exit, learn about electronic intake forms, and test new developed ideas for your companies needs without any worries or adverse affects to the live database.

Contact our HMIS Administrator, Bryan White at or by office phone (850) 439-3009 for more information or to schedule a live demonstration.